Ulrike Carlson

State/Country of Origin:
Halle (Saale), Germany, but I have been living in Iowa City for the last 8 years.

Department: German

About Me: I am a PhD student in the Department of German here at the University of Iowa and am currently working on finishing my dissertation. My field of study is Germanic Linguistics and I am especially interested in syntax (the structure of language), historic linguistic and sociolinguistics (how language and society influence each other and work together).

My dissertation topics deals with Preposition Stranding in the Germanic languages - stranded prepositions are also called dangling prepositions and are very interesting from a linguistic point of view! For my dissertation I am currently conducting a study with native speakers from nine different Germanic languages.

Not surprisingly, given my field of study, I enjoy studying languages. I speak German, English, French, Swedish and Latin and am always on the lookout for other languages to learn. My other interests include reading, traveling, gardening, working with computers and arts and crafts. I live in Iowa City with my husband and 4-year-old daughter.

Since teaching is one of my greatest passions I would like to become involved in the Community Outreach Program to teach students and other community members more about the study of languages as well as about becoming a college or university student in general. There are so many interesting subjects and topics out there that students may not yet have considered!

I am currently working as: Teaching Assistant in the Department of German at the University of Iowa, Adjunct Instructor in German at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids

I could talk about these topics: 
History of English and other related languages
How are languages related to each other?
World Languages and their similarities and differences?
What is linguistics? 
How to learn a foreign language successfully.
What is in a word? - Word meaning and etymology
What is in a name? - What your last names might mean
Language and Society
...and many more