Sujit Kumar Mohanty

State/Country of Origin: I am from Orissa, India, and have been here in Iowa City, USA for the last three years.


Department: Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


About me:  I am a PhD student in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering here at the University of Iowa. Professionally, I am a biotechnologist with a keen interest in microbial engineering for industrial productions (Industrial Biotechnology). Currently, I am studying microbial metabolism at the molecular level and techniques to manipulate microbes to develop better as well as novel production processes and products. In collaboration with the Center for Biocatalyst and Bioprocessing (University of Iowa), our group in Mani’s lab focuses primarily on caffeine degrading bacteria and their applications along with other bioprocessing projects.


Science has always been my area of earnest passion and deepest commitment. My particular interest in genetic engineering developed during my undergraduate years. I have always found myself naturally inclined to acquiring an in-depth knowledge of my field, assimilating various strands of intellectual thought, and insightfully weaving them together in the best interest of innovation. Biotechnology cannot thrive in isolation; a thorough understanding of various socio-economical issues and public awareness is an imperative for its survival. These technologies are currently looked upon as “Green Technologies” and as an answer to various global problems like energy security, global warming, environmental pollution, etc. I believe therefore that community outreach and public interaction is an absolute necessity for any scholar engaged in biotechnological research.


I also like to travel to get to meet new people and learn about their history and culture. I enjoy capturing the best of nature’s beauty on film in my humble personal way. I miss my home, my country, and the cultural diversity and emotional warmth it has to offer. As I look ahead to my future years, I see myself exploring further the academic and professional potential in USA and other countries round the globe, trying my best to contribute meaningfully as a world citizen.   


Working as: Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant


I could talk about these topics:


Science and human life: advantages and threats

What is biotechnology?

Gene, genetics and evolution

How important are microorganisms.

Fermentation and alcohol production

Combination of biology and engineering (Designing nature - playing God)

Enzymes: what are they?

Understanding secrets of a wonderful process called life

Computers and Biology: an interdisciplinary perspective

Future perspectives in bioengineering

…and many more