Samantha Bouwers

State/Country of Origin: Iowa, USA (Born and raised here!)

Department: Library and Information Science

About Me: I am a Master’s student in the Library and Information Science department here at the UI and am currently working on my second semester of my studies. My field of study is mostly library-related, although I am also very interested in the intersection of humans and information technology. Basically I like to see how we interact with the technology we use every day: how do we find, store, and use information in a digital world? I’m also interested in the history of reading: how concepts of reading have evolved, especially with regard to religious texts.

Not surprisingly, given my field of study, I enjoy reading. Some of my favorite recent reads include some Dorothy Sayers novels for fun and a book called Glut: Mastering Information through the Ages on the non-fiction side. My other interests include playing piano, working with computers, and baking. I live in Coralville with my husband and my potted plants. Someday I want to work in a library or teach about them.

Since teaching is something to which I aspire, became involved in the Community Outreach Program to teach students and other community members more about information science as well as about becoming a college or university student in general. There are so many interesting subjects and topics out there that students may not yet have considered!

I am currently working on: A history of some local church libraries.

I could talk about these topics:
•    The importance of good information search and management techniques, and what that means for your college career
•    What does “information science” mean?
•    And how is it different from “library science”
•    How information management has evolved
•    What you can learn in library school besides the Dewey Decimal system
•    The role of wealthy nations in supplying information to developing countries