Donna Lancianese

State of Origin:
I am originally from Akron, Ohio.


Department:  I am currently a graduate student in the Department of Sociology


About me:  I started my undergraduate career as chemical engineering major because I excelled at math and science in high school.  Very quickly, I found my heart wasn’t in this field, and, eventually, I found Sociology.  This discipline allowed me to incorporate my skills (i.e. mathematics) and questioning nature into a career. 

Currently, I am doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Iowa.  My broad research areas within sociology are social psychology and gender.  I am a trained experimentalist and analyze national representative survey data.  My dissertation focuses on the intersection of social class and gender.  I am interested in how social class affects gendered self-meanings from adolescence and into young adulthood.  Moreover, I want to investigate how social class and gender expression affect interaction.           


Working as: I am teaching and research assistant in the Department of Sociology.


I could talk about these topics:


Why knowing statistics is important – People using stats to lie and fool people

Research Methods – quantitative

Influence in groups


What is sociology?

What is social psychology?

Gender in society

How the situation affects behavior

Social Problems in the US
and many more...