Britnie James

State/Country of Origin: Oregon (born), Pennsylvania (raised), USA

Department: Immunology/Urology

About Me: I am a PhD student in the Immunology Program and Urology Department. My field of study looks primarily at the Immune system’s response to cancer and cancer therapy. I am currently investigating how cancer therapies for Renal Cell Carcinoma can overcome immunosuppression and prevent tumor growth and metastasis. I also dabble in Virology, the study of viruses, and the host immune response to viruses. I enjoy reading and learning anything about the immune system and how the host is able to defend against infection, cancer, and autoimmunity.  
Outside of lab I really enjoy reading; some of my favorite authors and series include Jodi Picoult, Khaled Hosseini, Dean Koontz and the Left Behind Series. A very wide array! I also enjoy theatre and dance. I have been involved in the local 24 Hour, All in a Day Play Festival, and I enjoy attending local theater and dance productions. I am a huge movie and music buff as well, any and all genres!
After completing my PhD I would like to work in academia. I would love to be a professor for a biology department at a small liberal arts school where I could also mentor undergraduate research projects. For these reasons, I have become involved in the Education Outreach Committee and the Community Outreach Program. I want to make an impact on students to let them know their opportunities and possibilities are endless when it comes to earning a degree after high school and even in higher education!

I am currently working on: Pre-clinical cancer therapies.

I could talk about these topics:
1. Getting into college and picking a major- biology, pre-med, nursing OH MY!
2. Getting involved: Undergraduate research
3. Furthering your experience: Internships in the biological sciences
4. Health Science topics: Infections, cancer, therapy, vaccines
5. The immune system in everyday life: Can you really “catch a cold”? Can you really
“catch pneumonia going outside with a wet head"
6. How to stay healthy and keep your immune system working for you!