Graduate Student Profiles

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Samantha Bouwers
Department of Library and Information Science
I am a Master’s student in the Library and Information Science department here at the UI and am currently working on my second semester of my studies. My field of study is mostly library-related, although I am also very interested in the intersection of humans and information technology. Basically I like to see how we interact with the technology we use every day: how do we find, store, and use information in a digital world? I’m also interested in the history of reading: how concepts of reading have evolved, especially with regard to religious texts.
Ulrike Carlson
Department of German
I am a PhD student in the Department of German here at the UI and am currently working on finishing my dissertation. My field of study is Germanic Linguistics and I am especially interested in syntax (the structure of language), historic linguistic and sociolinguistic (how language and society influence each other and work together).

Department of Immunology/Urology
I am a PhD student in the Immunology Program and Urology Department. My field of study looks primarily at the Immune system’s response to cancer and cancer therapy. I am currently investigating how cancer therapies for Renal Cell Carcinoma can overcome immunosuppression and prevent tumor growth and metastasis. I also dabble in Virology, the study of viruses, and the host immune response to viruses. I enjoy reading and learning anything about the immune system and how the host is able to defend against infection, cancer, and autoimmunity.  

Department of Sociology  
I am doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Iowa.  My broad research areas within sociology are social psychology and gender.  I am a trained experimentalist and analyze national representative survey data.  My dissertation focuses on the intersection of social class and gender.  I am interested in how social class affects gendered self-meanings from adolescence and into young adulthood.  Moreover, I want to investigate how social class and gender expression affect interaction.  
Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
I am a PhD student in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering here at the University of Iowa. Professionally, I am a biotechnologist with a keen interest in microbial engineering for industrial productions (Industrial Biotechnology). Currently, I am studying microbial metabolism at molecular level and techniques to manipulate the microbes to develop better and novel production processes and products. In collaboration with the Centre for Biocatalyst and Bioprocessing (University of Iowa), our group in Mani’s lab focuses primarily on caffeine degrading bacteria and their applications along with other bioprocessing projects.
Department of Sociology
In 2004 I graduated from Indiana University – Bloomington with a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Human Development/Family Studies. Over the last several years I have moved around the country, beginning my post-undergrad adventure in the Bay Area. In San Francisco I was employed as a field researcher and phone interviewer. Eventually, the Midwest called me ‘home’ and I returned to Bloomington to work as a research assistant for a survey research organization.