Jakobsen Conference

On Saturday, March 26, 2011 the University of Iowa Graduate Student Senate is hosting the 13th annual James F. Jakobsen Conference.  The conference is an opportunity for graduate students of all disciplines to share their work with other graduate students and faculty.  As part of this conference, we, the Education Outreach Committee, is sponsoring our 2nd annual lunch time session specifically geared towards high school aged students and their parents/guardians.

We will have professors and students from many different disciplines, as well as representative from the admissions office to share information about getting in to college and thriving there.  After the panel we'll have to answer any questions, such as what to study or what classes you should take in college to prepare yourself for various careers.
Download our "save the date" flier here. Register for the conference and lunch panel here.
Still not convinced?  Here's what a parents of an attending student had to say about our program last year:

"The lunch was fabulous! I am still so overjoyed and mesmerized by the panel that was at the lunch for [my daughter]. At first I was concerned there were people there that didnt really fit into what [my daughter] was interested in, but everyone on the panel gave valuable input for us to take away. It was a phenomenal lunch! We cant thank you enough!"

"The entire day was a great way to introduce [my daughter] to the 
unbelievable potential and variety of what you can do with a college education. Even I [the parent] have a very narrow view of what careers are out there in the world. One of the professors at the lunch, who had an under grad in programming and is now in the sociology field, was a wonderful person to have talked to. She really opened our eyes regarding meshing two different degrees,and how you may not end up in the area you intended. There were several people who had useful things to say on this. The informatics discussion was also very useful for combining IT with another field, such as health care, or law. All discussions were full of great information. It was a very enlightening day." [emphasis added]

If you, your parents, or your student might be interested in attending, simply fill out the short form below and we will send you a reminder closer to the event and a full itinerary when it becomes available. Or, if you have any questions please use the "Comments/Questions" section in the form below.
Register here!
Register here!

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