When I drive my car from home to school, the odometer reads more than 1.5 miles, but I didn't receive an application. What should I do?

The distance from your home to your child's school is determined by using our in-house program called "Transfinder." By using only one source for all calculated distances, we are able to eliminate questionable distances caused by using different programs like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, or Mapquest. If you feel that we have made clerical error (you live 4 miles from school and we have not sent you an application) please print and fill out a resolution form and bring it to the Superintendent's Secretary. We will certainly correct any mistakes that we have made. The form is also available at the Superintendent's Office.

In the event that the distances are close (our computed distance is 1.45 miles, and your odometer reads 1.5) we will use our computed distance in determining your child's eligibility.