What happens if I'm late returning my child's registration?

Your prompt registration helps us create efficient bus routes. Routes are created based upon completed registration forms that have been returned by the due date. At that time, many routes will be filled with eligible registered children. A late registration can over-fill the bus, and require us to "start over" and build new routes, or exclude some students from preferred routes. Any such complication may hinder our effort to publish routes in a timely manner. 

Parents of children in designated safety zones are risking their child's eligibility to ride the bus. According to policy, children in safety zones are given seats ONLY if there are seats available. We have purposely allowed plenty of time to complete and return registration forms, and we ask that parents comply with deadlines to ensure a smooth routing process.

If your home is more than 1.5 miles from school, and your child is eligible based on distance, you will, of course, be given a seat on a school bus. However, if routes have already been created, your child may be required to walk to a bus stop to meet a bus with an available seat, even if it is less convenient than a stop that may have been created if your registration materials were returned promptly. If there are no available seats on the bus that passes near your home, your child may be required to meet a bus along another route

In the past we have had parents unable to return registration materials promptly because of family vacations during the summer. By ending the registration at the close of the school year, we hope to eliminate all summer registrations (except for new families moving into eligible areas) and expedite the routing process.