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Day Care Providers

Establishing Bus Stops Near or At Day Care Providers

As part of the District's effort to safely and efficiently transport students to and from their school of attendance, bus stops may be established within the line of sight, or if that is not possible, at the address of a day care provider. The day care provider must meet the following criteria to be considered for a bus stop location near or at their address:
  • The day care provider must provide care for three or more unrelated school age children at the provider's location before and after school.
  • The day care provider must be located at 1.5 miles or more from at least one of the elementary schools or:
  • The day care provider must be located on the primary section of a road or street area defined as a safety zone (no intersecting streets) unless the only access to the community at large is through a safety zone.
If use of a nearby stop is authorized by these criteria, or a stop is established at the day care provider's address as provided in these criteria, the children using this stop must be picked up and dropped off at the bus stop used by the day care provider on school days that they use bus transportation to and/or from school. The district does not allow any child to have more than one assigned bus stop for safety reasons.

It will be the responsibility of the day care provider to identify the students in their care that require bus passes and the school they attend, and to notify the District in a timely manner if a student is no longer cared for at their location. The day care provider will also notify the District of any students who will be in their care and using the bus stop the provider uses that already have bus passes so that the District and the transportation provider can make the appropriate changes in stop assignments if needed.

The decision as to whether a day care provider qualifies for bus stop rights or a bus stop will be made by the Bus Coordinator. If a day care provider is unhappy with the decision rendered, they may appeal that decision to the Superintendent of Schools.

Barry Belanger,
Sep 23, 2016, 4:29 AM