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Bus Routes

Message from Mrs. Jacobs regarding buses

Beginning Monday October 3rd, the MHS buses and routes are changing. In order to rectify some significant issues at Penn Brook with students arriving home very late, the district is returning the MHS routes.  The ones that were used the past several years and worked well for everyone.  The students will ride the same bus they did last year with the same driver and follow the same route. These new routes will be posted on the district website Transportation Page on Friday September 23rd for your review. If you are riding the bus for the first time this year, find your street on the list and go to the closest stop. If changes need to be made on a case by case basis we can discuss them but beginning Monday October 3rd we are using the stops from last year to start. This affects both MHS and elementary buses because the pick- up and drop of times will change. Hopefully this change will make things better for everyone and we thank you for your patience. 

 Times are approximate, and based on a computer model.

2016-2017 Georgetown Middle/High School Bus Routes