Welcome to the Georgetown School District Transportation website. 

Thurlow Street is currently under construction, and the bus cannot complete the entire route. The last stop on Thurlow will be available at Thurlow and Kenneth Road. This change will last for the duration of the construction. Stops at 250 Central and 247 Central will also be moved to East Street and Central for the duration of that construction project.

For the 2015-2016 school year, the transportation company, North Reading Transportation (NRT) has combined the elementary routes, and we will finally have single runs. 

These routes for 2015-2016 have been created by our transportation provider North Reading Transportation (NRT). Specific stop time have not been provided, and will be posted as we receive them.

If your child was not registered prior to August 1, 2015, you may not be included in these routes, and may not have a stop near your home. That is one of the reasons we ask that registrations be returned before the end of each school year. With the change in school configuration (grades K-6 at the Penn Brook and 7-12 at the middle/high school) there may have been some oversights with stops not moving from the elementary routes to the secondary routes. These will be correct as needed.

Eligibility can be determined in two ways:

1. The student lives 1.5 miles or more from the school of attendance.
2. The student lives in a previously established safety zone.

Here are the steps you need to take ONLY if your child will require a bus pass for the following year:

  1. Fill out the bus pass application completely.
  2. Return the application in person to the Superintendent’s Secretary before the last day of school.
  3. Obtain your child’s bus pass.
  4. Attach the bus pass to your child’s backpack before the beginning of the next school year.
Please feel free to browse our Frequently Asked Questions page to answer any questions you might have.