The Western Cape Branch of the Geological Society of South Africa

GSSA-WCB is a special interest group for anyone in the region with an interest in Geology. We are engaged in outreach, helping people understand the rocks beneath their feet, and recording the geological and mining heritage of this country. 
Our members include retired geologists, working geologists, both in industry and academia, and student members from the three Universities in the Western Cape, namely University of Cape Town, University of the Western Cape and Stellenbosch University. We also have a sprinkling of members who are not geologists by training, but are  fascinated by the subject. To find out more, see the Introduction and sub-pages for Education Initiatives, Geo-heritage and conservation,  and Newsletters: To join the Branch visit the Membership page and download a registration form. * Recently uploaded Cape Geosites brochures are now available for download:

Cogmans Kloof,  Paarl Mountain, Chapman's PeakTable Mountain