Athlone RALLY - Alliance Retired Public Servants - Mon 2 March 2015 7:30pm Shearton Athlone Hotel

Retired Public Servants will assemble at the Sheraton ATHLONE Hotel at

7.30pm on Monday 2nd March 2015 for a MASS RALLY organised by the Alliance of Retired Public Servants.

Following on from well supported Regional Meetings at Limerick (Oct) and Wexford (Jan). All those crossing Custume-Bridge on the River Shannon will be well aware that the focus right now is on the Restoration of Public Service Pensions.


Alliance of Retired Public Servants Regional Rally

7.30 pm Sheraton Hotel, Athlone


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Free Parking is available five minutes walk from the Shearton Athlone Hotel in the Golden Island Athlone Shopping Centre Car Park.

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Read the Alliance of Retired Public Servant's Newsletter.  It is intended to bring you up to date on pension related matters and there is a great deal you can do to help

Read the January 2015 Newsletter here

Each pensioner matters, and you may wish to ensure that all your local T.D.'s and Senators are contacted and made aware of the effects of the use of emergency powers to reduce your pension and of the discriminatory application of the Universal Social Charge on you and your dependents and the need to address these matters. You may also wish to advise your friends and contacts generally on the reality of public service pension life on a reduced income.

Just remember, the old days are gone. With the pressures on pensions generally these days, public service pensioners will have to be prepared to make their voices heard now if they want to be treated fairly in the future. It's time to stand up and be counted.

It is also time for government to put arrangements in place to end the use of emergency powers to reduce public service pensions and to end the discrimination in relation to the application of the Universal Social Charge to public service pensioners.  

Public service pensioners are private citizens who spent their working lives in the service of the state; their contract, which is completed on their side, was with a sovereign government (which SHOULD NOT default!) and pension arrangements were a critical element of their employment; they contributed to their pensions at rates deemed appropriate by successive governments.  

Many public servants are on pension levels equivalent to those which applied at the turn of the century and, at the rate things are going, many will be dead before the pensions they worked all their lives for are restored.  

Go and talk to your local T.D.s and senators and make your voice heard locally. 

If you don't take your own situation seriously, no one else will. 


This is a facility to contact Irish TDs, Irish MEPs, and 

Irish Senators and also Local City and County Councillors.


Membership of the Alliance includes representatives of the following numbering close to 100,000 :
  1. Retired Civil and Public Servants;
  2. Retired Teachers (RTAI, RSTA & TUIRMA).
  3. Retired Principals & Deputy Principals.
  4. Retired Members of the IMO;
  5. Retired Nurses;
  6. Retired Prison Officers;
  7. Retired Members of Dublin Fire Brigade;
  8. Retired City & County Managers;
  9. Retired Commissioned Officers;
  10. Retired members from Shannon Development
  11. Retired CEOs.
  12. Retired Gardai