Garda Retirement Courses

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Should the Department of Justice and Equality and The Commissioner An Garda Síochána Re-think and Restructure Pre-Retirement Courses for retiring Members of An Garda Síochána? 

The following bullet-points are tendered for favour of discussion and comment.  

Should you have an additional bullet-point we will be happy to add it following review.

  1. Provide shorter pre-retirement courses.

  2. The course should be mainly on financial, health and coping with life. 
  3. They should have an exit strategy and get feedback from every member on what they feel about retiring and the job itself.

  4. They should follow up with a one/two day review 6-12 months after retirement.

  5. If they want to improve the job and how it is done they should get feedback from retired members.

  6. Retired members have a lot to offer but are never consulted.

  7. Present the 'Certificate of Service' at the follow-up days.