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Were there any laws or policies created to assist ex-slaves as their taste for freedom became a reality after the Civil War ended during the Reconstruction era?  

After the Civil War, there were over four million ex-slaves.  Many of them were destitute, illiterate, and without anywhere to go.  In 1865, after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, slavery became illegal throughout America.  Many Southern states disenfranchised African Americans because they were not ready to accept them as their equals or full citizens.  As a result, laws and polices were created that violated African Americans Civil Rights as citizens of the United States.During this time, this laws were legal, although they clearly violated the rights of African Americans.  The laws that gave African Americans unequal legal statuses was known as "The Black Code."  In 1866, the Civil Right Act ended the Black Code law; however, were African Americans treated as equal citizens after the Black Code ended? 


This is a Social Studies/Language Arts and Technology lesson;  it is created for students 6th-8th grade