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If you are still interested in RuneScape music, you may also want to visit lord Villermen's project here:

Good luck!
~ 1st April, 2016.

What happened in Nov, 2007?  Thats when game no longer uses our local synthesiser to render scores.
What is the effect? We have lost the shortcut to sort and name which is which.
Files will still be kept here as long as nobody cares.
~ 1st April, 2012.

RuneScape music midi pack:

Current version: v1.29 (04 November,2007 updated)

RuneScape music midi pack lite (f2p music only):

Current version: v1.3 (04 November,2007 updated)

RuneScape music midi raw dump:

Current version: Build 614  (31. May,2011 updated)

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