Setting up your development environment

The following files and installation guides will help you get ready for the event. These will also be available on a setup CD provided at the event. More resources and information can always be found at

Platform         Downloads Install Guides
Google APIs Google + API client libraries in Java, Python, Ruby or any of the supported languages
Google App Engine App Engine
Eclipse: Google plugin
App Engine install guide, including Eclipse and Google plugin guides
Python Python SDK Python SDK install guide
Google Chrome Chrome     
Android SDK

Eclipse install guide
Android SDK install screencasts: LinuxMac OS X,Windows

Download and run at least one of the API samples for one of the above client libraries.
Have a laptop (with 3Gb RAM recommended).

Please ensure that you also look at these resources to prepare for the code labs:

If you are already working on a project on the Google REST APIs using OAuth2 and would like to take advantage of this code lab and the experts who will be on hand to make some progress, feel free to bring your project along.