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Condensed Orchestral Sc
ores for every one of the Gilbert & Sullivan Operas

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Some years ago, Jim Newby of Bradford, Yorkshire, arranged all the Gilbert and Sullivan operas for condensed orchestras. The arrangements are scored for as few as 12 or 13 instrumentalists (or as many as the Music Director cares to include) and still maintain a balanced, artistic accompaniment.

Sometimes a full orchestration is too heavy for either the venue or for young or amateur voices, would require too many instrumentalists to physically fit into the orchestra pit or would plainly cost more than the production budget would allow! If your group falls into any of these categories, these scores are for you.

The "Newby Scores" have been used all over the English-speaking world and are frequently employed in the various international Gilbert & Sullivan festivals that are gaining in popularity each year on both sides of the Atlantic. Jim Newby has been musical director at most of these festivals to date.

Opus 1 Music was founded in 1991 by Peter and Ann Yelland, who reside in the Cowichan Valley in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Peter’s experience with Gilbert & Sullivan goes back many years to when he was in the R.A.F., when he was given the role of Strephon in Iolanthe. Since that time has performed the roles of many of the leads - from Luiz to Col. Fairfax. As well as singing as a tenor soloist for several symphony orchestras and choral groups in British Columbia, he has musically directed many of the Gilbert & Sullivan titles on the list, mostly using the Newby scores.

Many Gilbert & Sullivan organizations in North America have already used these scores with very positive results (see what our customers say about them).

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