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I am Ganeswar Sahoo, an Indian. I am a techno-savvy person with a passion to pace with new technological innovation. I am trying to understand this complex world. This society, people, politics, business and climate - everything today becomes a complex task for the human society. Man, in order to sustain in this challenging world, has to be more intelligent and do innovative action to address the issues. I am trying to be intelligent.....and am learning every aspect of life everyday...

As an ardent advocate and supporter of social action and research, I persistently support social action research and social welfare to eradicate poverty, eliminate inequalities, sustain growth and to spread education to all the boundaries in the society. I strongly support social causes and actions and I am proud of being a part of the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial (IACM). 

                     Representing IACM as 
                 National Coordinator - Italy.

"me in a business suit"  

About Me

I am Ganeswar Sahoo, born and brought up in India. I have already traveled over 10 countries across Europe. I am driving my senses with my passion and humour which I consider my biggest asset. I am a management student and a social change agent. I always see life as an opportunity and have never stopped exploring all opportunities that my life gave to me. I am always very curious to learn new things.
Interests and Hobbies

I love to meet new people, like to visit new places  of the world, and enjoy to learn different cultures  and traditions.I am very fond of reading, writing, cooking, bike riding, traveling, swimming, net- browsing and would always like to pace with the speed of new technological innovation. I like to attend events to accumulate new ideas, information, and knowledge.

Belief and Ideology

I believe in change, may it be social or economic or political. In my view, 'change can
only bring progress', so I believe in "reform and transformation". I am very liberal, and respect to other ideology.

I am an orthodox Hindu and a theist. I wish good wishes not only to people I know, but also to the whole world. Finally, I am a proponent of Oneness (divine oneness,metaphysics,mysticism and oneness of God).