Gson Users

NOTE: This list is NO LONGER being maintained. Gson is now used extensively in projects all over the world. 

-----------------  OLD Data ---------------------------
Gson was originally created for use inside Google where it is currently used in a number of projects. Here is a list of public projects that use Gson (in the order of most recent use): 
  • Retrofit: A type-safe REST client for Android and Java
  • OpenLaszlo: An AJAX platform to create browser-based rich internet applications. Uses Gson as the default marshaller for the RPC output.
  • keyczar: An open-source cryptography toolkit
  • Mahout:  scalable machine learning
  • Gsearch Java Client: A Java client library for Google's Ajax search API
  • Friendfeed Java Api: A Java client library for FriendFeed API
Companies using Gson in internal/external projects: 
  • Google
  • Citicorp
  • IBM Korea
If you use Gson in a project and would like to get listed here, let us know by posting here.