News & Events

Engineering Awareness Presentations

February 26, 6pm-9pm, Steinman Hall Auditorium

Flier: Engineering_Awareness_0226_2015.pdf



6:00-6:05: Intro

6:05-6:08: TBP

6:08-6:11: Zahn Center

6:11-6:14: HKN

6:14-6:17: ASCE

6:17-6:23: Concrete Canoe + DFI+ USB (This presenter is allowed 6 minutes)

6:23-6:26: ANS

6:27-6:30: Raffle


6:30-6:33: AIChE

6:33-6:36: Chemist’s Club

6:36-6:39: ASEE

6:39-6:42: EWB

6:42-6:45: ASHRAE

6:45-6:48: SAE

6:48-6:51: SWE

6:51-6:56: Quiz

6:56-7:00: Raffle


7:00-7:03: NSBE

7:03-7:06: NYWEA

7:06-7:09: ASME

7:09-7:12: LAESA

7:12-7:15: CCNY Aerospace

7:15-7:18: Planetary & Rocket Science

7:18-7:21: AIAA

7:21-7:26: Quiz

7:26-7:30: Raffle


7:30-9: Demos/Tabling, Food,


7:45-9: Tours

NOTE on tours: Tour guides wait for students in the lobby for 10-15 minutes before leaving.

Engineering Awareness Team

OSRS Lunch Meeting to Welcome New Mini-Circuits, Grove

and Special Engineering Scholars


September 4, 2014, Steinman Hall, Room 124

12:30pm:   Welcome  by  Deputy Dean Shana Lessiter


12:35pm:  New scholars and the scholars in up-classes introduce each other


12:50pm: Scholars from different research programs talk about their research topics and experience.

               (3-5 minutes each, not necessarily in the following order)



Azeezat Azeez (BME, senior, on BME research  and international research experience in Sweden);


Andrew Fitzgerald (CpE, senior, on research in CCNY supported by NOAA-CREST);


Bryce Marte (ME, senior, on research internship in Toyoto Company);


Christopher Yang (EE, sophomore, on research in CCNY, supported by NSF EFRI-REM program);


Jannatul Ferdaous (ChE, Junior, on research in Rensselaer Polytech Institute (RPI), supported by NSF REU program)


Karla Parraga (EE, senior, on research in NIST, supported by NIST SURF program)


Qing Tian Chen (EE, Junior, on Robotics research in CCNY and Robotics summer school in Germany);


Ricky Bhola (CE, Junior, on research in Brook Haven National Lab --BNL, supported by DOE SULI program);


Chris Thomas (BME, Junior, on research in neuro- engineering at CCNY)



1:30pm: Closing Remarks and Announcements: Dr. Yuying Gosser, Director of OSRS


More research topics and opportunities will be presented at the GSoE Research Day on September 12th, Friday.

The First Engineering Scholar Meeting in Fall 2013

September 11, 2013, Steinman Hall, Room 2M5


The Grove School of Engineering provides world class education to next generation engineers, which integrates rigorous curriculum with research participation and entrepreneurial exposure.  This is a new world to most incoming freshmen, it seems intimidating. This “intimidation” factor is what the OSRS hopes to eliminate through its continuous contact with the engineering student community.

On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, the class of 2017 engineering scholars attended their first Scholar meeting. This meeting provided the freshmen with an introduction and orientation on early participation in research.

 The scholars were welcomed by Dr. Yuying Gosser, Director of the Office of Student Research and Scholarship (OSRS), and were addressed by Dr. Joseph Barba, the former Dean, and the new Dean Dr. Gilda Barabino. Following the introduction, several engineering scholars,  Alex Wallach (ME, ‘2016); Azeez.Azeezat (BME, ’2014); Rodolfo Ramirez (ChE, ’2014); Evgeniya Rubin (ChE, ’2014); Ahmed Abdelqader (EE, 2017); Anthony Ray (CE, ’2017), gave a short talk on their research projects and experience. That gave the new scholars a glimpse of the excitement of research and the abundant opportunities in CCNY and U.S.

Professor Alison Conway (CE) presented the Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship program and noted that students in any engineering major are eligible for this prestigious fellowship, as long as their research is related to transportation. Professor David Crouse (EE), the director of CUNY Center for Advanced Technology (CAT), gave an introduction of the research projects in CUNYCAT and provided the scholars with advice on how to apply for research assistant positions.

At the end, Dr. Yuying Gosser reminded all scholars to pay attention to their CCNY email for updated information on upcoming scholarship and research fellowship opportunities.

In conclusion, the meeting provided engineering scholars, both old and new, not only the opportunity to mingle and get to know each other, but also an occasion to learn about the support and guidance that the GSOE and the OSRS can provide for their career advancement.