Please Donate

At ECOS, we try very hard to maintain this value of environmental importance. Because of that, we do not wish to quit our recycling program here at GSMST.

As of 2016, the recycling centers have stopped recycling for free and as a result, many schools have dropped their recycling program because they could not afford that service.

This is because recycling is now more expensive than just discarding the materials and buying new ones.

But we here at ECOS believes that the environment is more important than some petty cash, and so in order to maintain this program of recycling, we require some donations. Other clubs can easily overcome this challenge since they charge a fee for joining, but we are the few clubs that do not charge a mandatory fee.

You can donate directly by sending a check to Dr. Rackley or any of the officers. Or you can donate online with PayPal (This is a Work in Progress).

Other ways to donate is by attending our events like Movie Night and other cool activities we will throw!

Thank you all so much for contributing to this great cause!