Gary Smith: BU Photonics Center RET Program, 2010-2011

As a part of our RET program at Boston University, I had the happy experience of getting to work in the Photonics Center with Prof. Hatice Altug.  As you might have seen as you have visited my website, her program involves using a deep knowledge of light and materials to aggressively study proteins, viruses and other biological agents. 

These pages contains the curriculum materials that I helped to develop along with lots of links to research and pedagogical documents. 

If you would like to visit my website at St. John's, you'll find a lot more in the way of curriculum that I developed to help support my students in physics and to support the Sci-Tech club at school.  This year, we're going to take a look at nano-tech, not surprisingly!

Finally, I'm pretty excited about making the interviews page available.  By opening the door to graduates of my school and others to talk about their experiences in college, I'd like to let them offer current students in my school some guidance about how they might fit into the real world of science and engineering. 
This is St. John's Prep in Danvers, MA - 
I've been privileged to teach there for over twenty years.
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