Most of the following examples are drawn from my work at two billion dollar software companies where I was involved with the design and support of computer-aided design (CAD) software for mechanical engineers. The two applications that were released as a result of my work have been deployed to more than two million users world-wide. I'd like to think that my work has made their experience with these products both productive and enjoyable.
Mobile Smart Phone App  - A mobile app design proposal which allows audio technicians to adjust amplification inputs on multiple devices from any location within a venue.
Assembly Browser Design  - Assembly files within a CAD system can contain thousands of parts. The assembly browser provided information about the parts and a means of navigating the assembly.
Select Other Design  - The select other design was created to provide the ability to select 3D features represented on a 2D screen without manipulating the view. The design was created prior to the availability of scroll-wheel mice.
Probe Design  - To build an assembly of parts in a CAD system the parts are positioned using constraints. In real life, some parts will need to move and it is not always easy to tell what parts in a virtual assembly can move. This was a proposal for a tool to be used within a CAD assembly.
Tutorial Launch Page  - As part of a major overhaul of the instructional tutorials delivered with a software application, I designed a graphical interface to replace a simple hyper-text list.
Personas Design  - I designed this set of personas to provide focus and guidance to a major overhaul of instructional tutorials delivered with a software application. 
Cost Estimation  - Estimating the cost of a project requires a complete breakdown of the expected tasks and a reasonable way of assigning an average time to complete. A simple example is provided.
US Patents  - A listing of and links to US Patents on which I am named as inventor.