April 26

Wow, what a day!

We had 10 kayakers and canoers make the trek from the Darling's Island Covered Bridge out to Stugeon alley to enjoy a beautiful sunny day, no winds and great action on the water. 

Many in our group had never caught a Sturgeon before and had hopes of landing one this day.   Everyone who came out, execpt for Brian who was really only there to relax and take pictures caught at least 1 sturgeon!

Here are the numbers as I remember them:

John (Ipop) - 8 sturgeon with the biggest at 42 inchces
Joe (Homebrew) - 6 sturgeon with the biggest at 54 inches, a possible NB record for the biggest shortnose sturgeon landed in kayak!
Chris (Retroboy) - 4 sturgeon
JC (Stroover) - His first ever 3 sturgeon!
Craig (TheRealCraigAC) - 2 sturgeon
Jim (Lobsterman) - Not signed up in the group yet, but came down from Moncton to catch his first 3 sturgeon
Che - His first sturgeon
Charley - His first sturgeon
Todd - His first fish ever from a kayak being his first sturgeon!!!

Even more impressive than all the sturgeon caught, was IPops 35 minute battle with a very determined and stubborn fish.   He battled this thing till his arms gave out, and eventually got fed up.  IPop put on a pair of heavy gloves, laid his rod aside and started to hand line up his prize 'Atlantic Sturgeon'.    Eventually though,... he hauled up a bag of rocks!!!!!

Here is a video from today.   Unfortunately the GoPro doesn't have zoom capabilities!

Group Kayak fishing for Sturgeon

To check out Joe's account of his adventures on the day, and to see a video of the monster 54 inch sturgeon visit: http://nbkayakfishing.ca