Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below have been compiled from conference questionnaires from the past few conferences.

Why does the address change for GSIS registration so often?

The address for registration changes any time the GSIS Board elects a new Registrar, or when the Registrar moves.

Will the GSIS Board ever move the Conference from Savannah?

We re-consider the location every year. The major points for leaving it where it is are:

1) Since the DOE Data Collections conference is in the northern portion of the state (Athens), we feel this is an opportunity for districts in the southern area of the state,

2) The Savannah Convention Center consistently offers us rates that allow us to hold such a large conference.

Has the GSIS Board thought of having the Conference during a different time of year?

The current time frame is the best for getting updates that pertain to Student Record. Any later in the year, and we get into Assessment season, graduation, and the crazy end-of-year procedures.

Can the GSIS Board work on providing more "School Level" sessions?

We appreciate the presence that the GaDOE and other state agencies, and the SIS vendors have at our conference. But what makes GSIS stand apart is the number of sessions we offer that are led by other district employees. Please consider giving us specific topics that you would like for us to cover. Also, we are always looking for presenters. Please consider offering one or more sessions. GSIS cannot work without those who are willing to present!

Can the GSIS Board advertise more?

The GaDOE announces our conference at their August meeting. Also, we send a regular newsletter to everyone who has signed up for our ListServe. Use the link below to add someone to our ListServe.