Earlier Writings

Following are earlier works in so far undigitised state:

1. Principles and Methods in the Science of Complexity, 
ISBN 981-04-5135-0 (Singapore) Forthcoming

2. 2002
Managing Openness of Border Regions: Indo-Nepal Border, Global Synergetic Working Paper, 313
3. 2002a Globalization and Environment: some reflections, Global Synergetic, Working Paper, 321
4. 2002b Emerging Issues in Active Space Development, Global synergetic Working Paper, 328
5. 2002c Cross-Border Synergies and Quality of life: A Snap Shot of Indo-Nepal, Border, Global synergetic Working Paper, 344

6. Cross-border Economic Dynamics, Global Synergetic Working Paper, 301
7. Problems of Open Borders: with special reference to Indo-Nepal Border Regions, Global synergetic Working Paper, 304
8. Determinants of Cross-Border Economic Relations, Global Synergetic Working Paper, 307

9. Capability Maturity Models, Synergetic Systems, Vol. XI, No. 2
10. Functioning, Freedom and Trace Flexibility, Synergetic Systems, Vol. XI, No. 1
11. Crossing the Border with Technology: A case of Indo-Nepal Border Region in Eastern UP, Global Synergetic Working Paper, 211.
12. Models of Cross-border Synergies, Global synergetic Working Paper, 219

13. On Capability Sets, Paper, 35th Annual Conference of The Indian Econometric Society, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
14. On Tradeoff Weight Determination Under Risk, Synergetic Systems Vol. X, NO. 2
15. Information Theory with Applications to Biogenesis and Evolution, Synergetic Systems Vol. X, No. 1.

16. On the Dynamics and Trajectories of Evolutionary Processes, Synergetic Systems Vol. IX, No. 2
18. Some Heuristic Principles for Support of Time Critical Decisions, Synergetic Systems. Vol. IX, No. 1
19. Hierarchical data Structure and Optimal Clustering of Functioning’s, Prodigy R&D Inst., preprint 216/98.
20. Distance, Density and Functioning Cluster, Prodigy R&D Inst., preprint 215/98.

21. On Path Integral Representation of Control Operators, Synergetic Systems. Vol. VIII, No. 1
22. An Introduction to Path Integrals and Applications, Prodigy R&D Inst. preprint 214/97.
23. Modeling of Brain Functions and Development of Neural Computers, Prodigy R&D Inst., preprint 313/97.
24. Superposition Sets, Error Bounds and Entropy, Synergetic Systems. Vol. VIII, No. 2

25. Architecture of Complexity, Synergetic Systems. Vol. VII, No. 1.
26. Fuzzy Set Theory for Complex Information Processing Problems. Synergetic, Systems. Vol. VII, No. 2

27. Logic of Scientific Discovery: An Obituary to Sir Karl Raymond Popper, Synergetic Systems. Vol. VI, No. 2
28. Mathematical methods of Synergetics, ISBN 981-04-5137-7(Singapore)
29. The Quantum Revolution. ISFR preprint 311/95.
30. A Review of the Physics of Protein and Protein Biosynthesis, ISFR preprints 410/95.
31. A Review of the Physics of Nucleic Acid, ISFR. Preprint 49/95.
32. A Review of the Physics of Neural System, ISFR preprint 38/95.
33. A Review of the Physics of Biological Macromolecules, ISFR Preprint 4.

34. Trafficking in Drugs and Economic Theory, ISBN 81-85694-10-9(Varanasi)
35. An Optimistic Rule for Accumulation of Evidence, Synergetic Systems. Vol.V, No.2
36. Superposition, Coherence, Choice and the Living Systems, I SFR preprint 46/94.

37. Lectures on Modeling Mathematics, ISBN 981-04-5141-5
38. Complexity and Economic Theory, Working Paper. No. 01/93. Dept. of Economics, St. Andrews College, Gorakhpur.
39. Notes on Kinetics and Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics. ISFR Preprint 35/93.

40. Capabilities and Calibration, ISFR Monograph. No.3. Republished by Prodigilab.
42. Notes on Some Extended Topologies, ISFR preprint 24/92.
43. Dynamic Super games and Evolutionarily Stable Strategies, Synergetic Systems. Vol.III, No. 1
44. Biological Evolution and Value Judgment, (Revised version of the Lecture delivered at ECC, Whitefield, Bangalore, ISFR preprint 13/92.
45. Problems of Biological Evolution and Development, ISFR preprint 32/92.

46. A Theory of Expectation: A Study in predictive behavior ISFR Monograph No. 1, Republished by Prodigilab.
47. Economics of Black Markets: with a case study of trafficking in drugs, Ph.D. thesis,Dept. of Economics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.
48. Some Aspects of the Economics of Unfair Means in Examinations, J .Educational
Planning and Administration, Vol.5 No.2 (With D.K.Srivastava & R.Subrahmaniyam)
49. Self-organization in Neurocybernetics and Modeling of Cognitive Process, Paper,Proc.78th Indian Science Congress, also as ISFR preprints 31/91.
50. An Environmental Theory of Industrial Location: A Preliminary Report, Proc. 78th Indian Science Congress Part 3, (Engineering Sciences Division), Revised version in Synergetic Systems Vol. II, No. 1.

51. Tolerance Structure and Psychophysics, Proc.77th Indian Science Congress, Part 3, Revised version in Synergetic Systems. Vol. I, No. 1.
52. Towards a Theory of Expectation II, Proc.77th Indian Science Congress, Part 3, Reprinted in Pandey (1991).

53. Towards a Theory of Expectation, Proc. 76th Indian Science Congress, Part3, Reprinted in Pandey (1991).

54. Some Foundational Problems in the Measurement of Social Inequality, XI World Congress of Sociology, Dept. of Sociology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.