might be more compatible with GSPACE as GMail File Space.

GSpaceFS is a filesystem using FUSE on Linux, like gmailfs or OpenXdrivefs.

This filesystem might be more compatible with "GSPACE".
NOTICE: This is an independent project.
Please do not complain to "GSPACE" or other projects. 


  • Basically Read-Only Filesystem.
    You can read files uploaded by using "GSPACE".
    Once you read a file, it is cached to local filesystem.
  • You can also delete files.
  • You can also write files. But, it is written only to local filesystem.
    If you will submit to commit, updated files will be upload.


  • Python 2.3 or later
  • FUSE Environment and Python FUSE binding
    for Debian users, apt-get install python-fuse
  • libgmail (enclosed with this)
    • from ver-0.1.9, needs ClientCookie.
      for Debian users, apt-get install python-clientcookie.
      Thank you acassis

and  Gmail Accounts.



More Information

Please Download and type

pydoc gspacefs

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