Mission Statement

Gujarati Samaj of East Tennessee mission statement is founded on establishing and maintaining, “Sanatan Temple” built and serviced in the traditional Hindu religion philosophy. G.S.E.T provides facilities for religious, spiritual, cultural and educational activities related to Hinduism. Temple purses the teachings of Hindu Religion Scriptures such as Vedas, Bhagvad Gita, Ramayan and other Hindu religious traditions. Organization prides on promoting social, cultural, and religious understanding based on truth, love, justice, peace and harmony based on Hindu Philosophy and Culture.

Announcement Letter From President

Dear Samaj Members,


It gives me great pleasure to update you with all the recent activities, changes and planning at the executive committee level that shapes our future towards the new temple and event center.

Since I announced at Diwali Gala Dinner event that we were planning toward the construction of new Temple at different location. Well we are all excited about building the facility and in months we will have the plans and drawings for all of us to view. This project is now in hands of a special committee.

On February 26, 2017, we held an executive meeting with all the 40 committee volunteer members. Their participation was excellent and we discussed our challenges and issues we faced in 2016 at the GSET hall, Hiring of additional priest at temple, maintenance of facility and food preparation in the Kitchen. We also brainstormed the future of Samaj and desire to take this Samaj to a next level. We plan to organize a Trade show and a golf tournament, one each year.

There are some positive changes in the structure of committees which are outlined below. Please remember that these names I am addressing are all volunteers and I urge you all to take time out during an event to acknowledge them of their contribution to Samaj. They all have volunteered their time to Samaj to best of their ability and devotion. I also urge you all to come and help us in your area of expertise, for we are always seeking additional help and ideas.

Temple committee: Navinbhai, Bhulabhai, Gijubhai, Maganbhai, Dharmeshbhai and Maheshbhai.

Maintenance and Cleaning: Dhaval, Dennis, Hiten, Amish and Bakul.  

Rental: Bhulabhai,  Anand and Dharmesh.

Entertainment: Pravinbhai, Pareshbhai and Mehul.

Communication: Vinay Mistry and Dipakbhai

Capital: Hiten and Hiren Desai.

Treasurer: Anilbhai and Pareshbhai.

Executives: Anil Patel, pres. – Dhaval Patel, Vice Pres. – Hiten Patel, Sec. 


Members, if you see anything out of ordinary or see a need for maintenance please inform us via GSET email (gsettemple@gmail.com) or inform the Sastriji and he will inform the appropriate person (committee members). This way only one person is not receiving calls all the time.

Herewith is our Calendar of Events we will be celebrating at the temple and at Samaj. (Please see attached PDF)

This year we have made some positive changes to the allocation of volunteer food sponsorship and food preparation. With many of us volunteering cooking food at Samaj kitchen for number of years are retiring.  We have decided to outsource the Mahaprasad preparation to one of our member. From now on all food - Mahaprasad will be cooked by Rasmilan Caterers.  This removes all the stress of planning, menu, shopping, organizing volunteers and food preparation from each area members who have dedicated their valuable volunteer time for the past 23 years or more. I salute all those who have worked countless hours in the Samaj kitchen, preparing delicious meals, to serve our other fellow member attending temple function. Their dedication to Samaj cannot go unnoticed, and words cannot describe their enthusiasm and dedicated hard work.  So, all food at the Samaj Kitchen will now be prepared by Rasmilan caterers. (Navinbahai, Sudhaben, Kishorebhai and Kailashben) They too are active contributors in the Samaj for over 23 years. This will increase cost per meal served and our operating costs to certain extent. For, in the past years each area voluntarily absorbed the cost and contributed food at the Samaj event.

Rather than increasing our annual membership fees, I believe you can help here. Please sponsor an event and give to GSET by sponsoring events individually or in a group. The sponsorship amounts are listed in attached pdf file. This cost is paid directly to caterers. There are many members who continually support our Samaj with their monetary contribution annually. You all have heard their names each year. And there are those who I have mentioned above, have contributed their time in the kitchen, Maintenance, Temple and other departments for over 23 years. You could be one of them this year by sponsoring and event. If one event is too big, you can join with friends and sponsor as a group. I strongly urge you to contribute or sponsor an event and make a right decision. Your contribution is always tax deductible.

Again, each area member as posted on the calendar will be responsible to serve Mahaprasad after the event or Aarti. Date to serve are posted on the Calendar. The amount of money required to sponsor each event is also posted on the Calendar of Events

During the year 2016 we needed many volunteers. For some retired due to age or health reasons. We urge you to join our volunteer team and be a part of GSET events. This is your Samaj, Your Hall and Your temple. I request young generation to become active today for a brighter future. Your help and effort will not go unnoticed.




Anil G. Patel


Jai Shri Krishna

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