Use Case:

You created a form, with "allow users to edit responses" selected - which creates an "Edit My Response" link on the screen and via an email - but sometimes your students lose this link.  You want to be able to click a link to edit any row in a sheet of form responses USING THE GOOGLE FORM for entry.

What this script does:
Replaces your Timestamp Column (first column) with permanent long URLS to edit the form populated with data from that row. 

This only works ONCE - it needs an intact column of timestamps.  So only run it AFTER all of your students have entered their form responses.  If you run it a second time on the same sheet you'll get an error.

Script Source:
There's no audio but you should be able to follow this ... although the instructions below are also sufficient!

Basic Skills:

You're going to need to have the ability to paste code into the script editor and run it. 
You're also going to need to have to edit the code:
  1. entering the live form's document id in place of a long row of xxxxxx's, and
  2. changing "Form Responses" to whatever the name of the sheet with your responses is (if different).
If you get an error about the line with the Doc ID being wrong:
You need to get the ID of the FORM, not the ID of the RESPONSES.

Here is what this generates, looking at the responses spreadsheet for THIS FORM:
Below is the first row with the script run.  Any subsequent rows will NOT have the script applied...

if anyone gets fancy and wants to re-code this script to apply itself ONLY to rows that do not yet begin with "http:" and share that back, that would be DARNED USEFUL! Because there's no way currently to run it twice.