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Ferguson Club Member Page

"Membership has its priviledges"
The Ferguson Club aka "Sky Bar" membership is below.  Having your name on the list guarantees you all priviledges and rights due to any member, specifically access to alcohol in the lounge each Wednesday and Thursday.  Presently our inventory consists of beer, but if you have any suggestions, please either include them as a note on this site or send me an e-mail at mclaughlin_paul@gsb.stanford.edu.
Member List:
Given the number of respondants so far, I've discontinued updating the member list page. 
I've received $1280 in contributions which means 64 people have contributed money.  We have 6 cases of beer, two cases of wine plus $350 remaining cash which looks like it will last us through the end of the program.
Jul 20, 2008, 10:29 PM