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Las Vegas

posted Jul 5, 2008, 7:46 AM by Mark Schiavoni

Dear all,


I have the ‘votes’ for the Las Vegas trip, which you can see below. I am going to send out a reminder to all the SEP group, plus put a notice on the board. Please also speak to your colleagues if you think anyone is interested but has not responded yet.


By Sunday evening therefore we should have firm numbers, can book flights, and can take Chris Schimek up on his kind offer to point us in the right direction in terms of booking hotels.


For those interested in a short weekend, I have opted for the 26th and 27th July on the basis of preferences expressed so far, and on the basis that this will give people time to recover if they are planning any trips on the mid-term break.


You will see there is a larger group for the short weekend. Can you let me know if any of you want to change your preferences (SEE BELOW).


Many thanks




Mid-Term Break

Ian Robson

Anders Malmstrom

Ruben Bocanera

Premlin Pillay

Roderick McInerney


2nd Half Weekend

Jacob Madsen

Richard Daniel

Armin Meier

Anne Bove-Nielsen

Paul McLaughlin

Carroll, David

Scott Riedel

Gunter Schauble, (26th / 27th)



Enrique Sanchez