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Austin Fall Brawl

posted Nov 4, 2014, 10:10 AM by Ian Osband

Austin recap

With an undefeated start to the XV season and a new squad with a lot of potential our goal this year should be to win every game we play. Unfortunately, with the timing of the Fall brawl and a depleted roster heading to Austin we knew that might be a tough task. Armed with only 16 members, 13 able to play Stanford graduate rugby sought to battle the likes of Wharton who have already played 4 times as many matches and brought a squad of 57.

Special thanks to Steven and Ledua who helped to bring our numbers up and supplement both our rugby playing and social value!

Harvard B

Stanford 12 - 17 Harvard

Realizing that we did not have enough players to make a full XV, we went to our oldest enemy (Wharton) and borrowed 3 ringers to outfit our back three. We began strongly in the forwards and behind a dominant scrum went into half time 12-0 up through an Osband run and a Shih rumble.

We knew that we should have put more points up on the board as they subbed in their A team for the second half. Ultimately the difference lay in our Wharton back three, who simply were not ready to play competitive rugby. As the game clock ran out with scores tied we pushed for another last second try to beat Harvard. This time the fortunes were reversed as Harvard savored a revenge for last year's final.

Kellogg + Austin Blacks

Stanford 14 - 24 Kellogg

Chastened by our defeat against Harvard we petitioned to play a reduced 13-man game again Kellogg in the hope that our ringers would not decide the game again. What we did not realize was the Kellogg had enlisted some quality ringers of their own.

In a hard fought match the heat and hardness of the soil began to sap life from our depleted squad as one by one we succumbed to injury.

  • Alex - dislocated shoulder
  • James - popped shoulder
  • Paul - hand + toe
  • Jacques - MCL strain
  • Steven - ruptured Achilles
  • Ian - Mallet finger
  • ... and more!

A good performance against tough opposition, we can be proud of 3 goal-line stands that held up certain tries.

Wharton A

Stanford + Kellogg 7 - 7 Wharton

Following a titanic struggle, neither Stanford nor Kellogg could field a full team and we decided to join forces against the greater enemy. In a thrilling contest, the maverick team fought hard against a well-oiled Wharton machine.

Questions have been asked over the Kellogg captain's decision to ignore the points not once but twice when winning a penalty in the opposition 22.

Booth + SMU

Stanford + Kellogg 32 - 28 Booth + SMU

On the final day sapped from rugby and social the tournament was largely disbanded in favor of a Harvard-Wharton arbitrary final. The game against Booth brought out the best of both sides in a nail biting game of 10s that went right to the wire. Matthias "Mai Thai" Cremon ultimately bagging some last-second meat in a classy performance from fly half.