Collection Last Updated: December 23, 2018
Total Number of Episodes: 6515
Trading Status: UNAVAILABLE
NOTE: The tape giveaway is now back, but this time it has been rechristened as the Tape Liquidation. Click here to check it out.
And also, I've had to sell my set-top DVD recorder since that thing has been making a weird screeching or grinding noise. It's going to be some time before I get a replacement recorder.
Got episodes of game shows that you have but I don't or vice-versa, then you've come to the right place!
Before even proposing a trade to me (if I'm on available status), please read my 'Trading Policy' first (see sidebar link).
As for the collection listings, the show titles are listed in alphabetical order. However, money amounts do not count as part of titles (for example, "The $50,000 Pyramid" would be listed under "P". Also, the words "The New" or "The All-New" do not count (for example, both "Beat the Clock" and "The All-New Beat the Clock" would be listed under "B"). The host's names are typed in italics after the show title which is all capitalized in bold type. If a show had more than one host during its run, each host has a sub-heading of his/her own (Guest hosts don't apply to this, but rather the episode(s) of the show that they hosted are listed under the name of the emcee that they filled in for); an ampersand symbol (&) is used to indicate co-hosts. After each episodes' description, the originating sources of the episodes are listed in brackets; here are the following abbreviations...
[OB] Original Broadcast
[OC] Original Broadcast w/Commercials
[SM] Studio Master
[SC] Studio Master w/Commercials
[KIN] Kinescope (an old technique of filming a TV show by aiming a camera at a TV playing the show)
[RPT] Repeat (from a local station or the "rerun cycle" of a series' initial run)
The following abbreviations indicate reruns for corresponding networks:
[CBN] CBN Cable Network
[USA] USA Cable Network
[FAM] The Family Channel
[GSN] Game Show Network/GSN
[PAX] formerly known as PAX Network
[GAS] Nickelodeon Games and Sports
[BZR] Buzzr
[A1] AmericaOne
[iON] iON Television
[GTV] GameTV Canada
[CHA] Challenge, UK's equivalent of GSN
Note: Some recordings off of GSN (including its original shows) from March 15, 2004-present have full-length 'credit crunches' which are denoted with the asterisk symbol (*). Recordings before the aforementioned date may have none or shorter credit crunches as they apply to repeats of classic game shows or original programs (in which their original airdates are before 3/15/04). Those full length credit crunches can be edited out upon request. Some other recordings off of GSN from 3/15/04 on don't even show end credits as it cuts off a show during 'crunched' parting gifts and/or promotional fee plugs.
Immediately following the source is a number, used for the purposes of references (click on 'Trading Policy' for details). If I have more than one copy of a particular episode (i.e. one from OC and one from GSN), it counts as two episodes and is pointed out in the listing for that.
"Foreign shows" are those which were aired only in their originating country. If a foreign version of a US game show used a title that's different from its American counterpart, it's noted by the words "same as..." in parenthesis after the title.
Special thanks to these people who've traded and with me and/or have made contributions to my collection:

Paul Burgos
Jason Carter
Conner Cohan
Philip Cousin
Jason Cranmer
Todd Cross
Sean Davidson
Greg Diener
Greg Garsten
Matthew G.
Mitch Groff
Darryl Heine
Sonia Lai
Jacob LaPratt
Josh Lieberman
Matthew Light
Joe Madigan
Joshua Murphy
John Ndanyi
Brendan Richards
Brian Sapinski
Will Schmarder
Russ Scottfield
Leonard S.
Mickey Stevens
Chris Tuskowski
Roxanne Victor
Craig Walker
Tammy Warner
Michael Wise
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