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This is the website of the Laboratory of Machine Learning, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics run by Guido Sanguinetti.
What we do

We are a group of computer scientists, physicists and mathematicians that develop machine learning techniques to address challenges in scientific modelling. 

Our major focus is on probabilistic representations of biological systems, with an emphasis on inference in dynamical systems.

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Why we do it

We live in an increasingly data-rich world, but data on its own is not knowledge. Mathematical models abstract reality permitting formal reasoning and predictions, and have been the cornerstone of science for a century. 

We develop machine learning methodologies to refine models in the light of data, with an aim to improve our understanding of fundamental processes and to increase applicability of basic research.
Where we matter


Our research focuses on the following areas, but is not limited to: 
  • foundations of machine learning; 
  • machine learning for model checking and verification;
  • dynamics gene regulation;
  • computational (epi)genetic;
  • spatio-temporal systems
Many applications are oriented to systems biology and personalized medicine.