Grupo Samba Rio
Authentic Samba from Rio de Janeiro
Oakland Samba School, California, USA

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Grupo Samba Rio was founded in 2004 by artistic and musical director Jorge Alabê, the world-class Brazilian percussionist now residing in the Bay Area.

Samba comes from the poor neighborhoods in the hills of Rio, the favelas. The culture of samba in Rio has grown from humble beginnings to the fantastic, spectacular samba school parade extravaganzas that now occur in the Sambadromo each year at Carnaval time.

Grupo Samba Rio represents authentic samba from Rio de Janeiro and bring that spirit to the streets of San Francisco.

The group offers percussion classes every Sunday at FICA Studio (Capoeira Angola), 2513 Magnolia Street in West Oakland, California.

Classes are led by Mestre Jorge Alabe or by assistant bateria director Jimmy Biala.

Regular class schedule:    5:30-7:30 pm - mixed level.
Contact us to confirm current class schedule and price.

Samba dance classes are currently on hiatus.
Contact us for an update about future dance class schedule.

To contact Grupo Samba Rio for events and classes,

    call 510-601-7244

    or email

See also for updated information.

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