Graduate Student Events

Bi-Weekly Meetings

    Bi-Weekly meeting are held approximately every other Friday during Spring and Fall semesters and open to any member of the Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Association.  These are designed to be a relaxing and fun event for stressed out and hungry graduate students away from campus.  Food is provided and dietary restrictions can be met as requested (please contact a GSA officer from our contact list if this is something that concerns you).  For more information about times and locations, please view reminder emails that are sent to your University of New Mexico email or our Facebook page (link on the left).  If, for any reason, those are unavailable to you, please contact a GSA officer and it will be taken care of.

Photo Gallery

We have posted photos from various events here; Photo Gallery

BBQ's and Potlucks

As an organization, we host approximates 6-8 get-togethers a year.  Our next event is advertised below.

Trip to Santa Fe

On Friday, February 5, 2016 some of our students went to Santa Fe to talk to our representatives about getting funding for the new physics building. You can see a few photos from their trip below.