Welcome to my list of Gemstone IV items for sale! I have spent years collecting some of these items, stowing them away, letting them collect dust, and then digging them back up again for your viewing (and hopefully purchasing) pleasure!

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Recently Added Weapons

Item DescriptionTypeEnchantFlaresWeighting
an icy blue vultite longsword One-Handed Edged 4x Ice None 
an eonake-spiked maul Two-Handed Weapon 4x None None 
a bone-capped pitted vultite longsword One-Handed Edged 5x None None 
a modwir-hafted mithril war hammer One-Handed Blunt 5x None None 
a scorched jagged rolaren longsword One-Handed Edged 4x Fire None 
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Recently Added Armor

Item DescriptionTypeEnchantPadding
some dark crimson leather brigandine Brigandine Armor 5x None 
some supple black hunting leathers Double Leather 4x Somewhat Crit Padded 
Some Double Leather Double Leather 5x None 
some leathers Reinforced Leather 5x Somewhat Crit Padded 
some polished chain hauberk Chain Hauberk 4x None 
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Recently Added Shields

Item DescriptionEnchantTypeSpecial
a squared black aegis banded and reinforced with hammered vultite 4x Large  
an ornate spiked mithril buckler 1x Small Says its spiked (for cmans i believe), can enchant 
a blackened mithglin greatshield 4x Large  
a ceremonial coal black aegis 4x Medium 3.5x, further enchantable? 
an eonake-edged vultite tower shield 4x Tower 8 nice zests 
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Recent Added Containers

Item DescriptionWornHolds
a frosted ice white cloak lined upon the shoulders with long sharp crystals Shoulders Very Large Amount 
some flowing spidersilk robes clasped with an ora demon pin Shoulders Very Large Amount 
a navy blue weathered oilcloth longcoat Shoulders Very Large Amount 
a matte black siren lizard-skin cloak stitched with glistening black deathstones and held at the neck with a polished black rolaren clasp fashioned into the image of crossed lockpicks Shoulders Very Large Amount 
a silver dwarven wand belt Waist Small Amount 
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