Grzegorz Świrszcz

Grzegorz Swirszcz
   Ph.D. (doktor habilitowany)

    Research Staff Member
    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

    Work: (1) 914 945 2346
    Cell: (1) 845 271 9806
    PO Box 218,
    Rte 134
    Yorktown Heights, NY, USA

   About me:
        I am a Research Scientist working at IBM T.J. Research in Business Analytics and Mathematical Science Group:    Degrees    CV    Awards & Recognitions
        I am a mathematician, a researcher and a scientist:    Publications    Preprints    Conferences 
        I am an inventor and a problem solver:    Patents
        I am a programmer, a solution-finder and a Smart Guy on Demand:    Computers & Programming    Projects    Competitions

    My professional interests & experiences:
  • Mathematical modeling of business and industrial processes
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning 
  • Finance
  • Advanced Programming
    • Creating and implementing solutions
    • Algorithms
  • High Performance Computing

  My research interests:
  • Dynamical systems
    • Ordinary Differential Equations
      • Invariant algebraic curves
      • Limit cycles
      • Bifurcations
      • Intergability
    • Low Dimensional Dynamics
    • Dynamics in Infinite-dimensional Spaces
    • Applications of Dynamical Systems
  • Machine Learning & Datamining
  • Cross-disciplinary research
    • Applications of methods of Dynamical Systems in Theory of Random Graphs
    • Applications of Qualitative theory od Ordinary Differential Equations

  1. Approximating the Joint Replenishment Problem, MAPSP (2011) (w. N.Dobbs, T.Nowicki & M.Sviridenko)
  2. Group Orthogonal Matching Pursuit for Variable Selection in Logistic Regression, AISTATS (2011) (with A. Lozano and N. Abe)
  3. Developing Methods for the Detection of High Impedance Faults in Distribution Power Grids IEEE ENERGY (2011) (w. M.Yao & T.Nowicki)
  4. On Cross-validation and Stacking: Building seemingly predictive model on random data, SIGKDD Explorations Special Issue: Unexpected Results in Data Mining (2011) (with C. Perlich)
  5. Potentially Biased Model Performance in Stacking using Cross-Validation, 5th Annual Machine Learning Symposium at NYAS (2010) (with C.Perlich).
  6. Ensemble-based Method for Task 2: Predicting Traffic Jam, IEEE ICDM (2010) (with Jingrui He, Qing He, Yiannis Kamarianakis, Rick Lawrence, Wei Shen, and Laura Wynter)
  7. Traffic Velocity Prediction Using GPS Data: IEEE ICDM Contest Task 3 Report, IEEE ICDM (2010) (with Wei Shen, Yiannis Kamarianakis, Laura Wynter, Jingrui He, Qing He, Rick Lawrence)
  8. Cross-Validation: Bias Warning - Proceed with Care, INFORMS (2010) (with C. Perlich)
  9. Limit cycles of polynomial vector fields with quadratic and cubic homogenous nonlinearities, Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete and Impulsive Systems (2009) (with J.Llibre)
  10. Medical Data Mining: Insights from Winning Two Competitions, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (2009) (with S. Rosset, C. Perlich, P. Melville and Y. Liu)
  11. Winning the KDD Cup Orange Challenge with Ensemble Selection, KDD 2009 (2009) (with Alexandru Niculescu-Mizil, Claudia Perlich et. al.)
  12. Group Orthogonal Matching Pursuit for Variable Selection and Prediction, NIPS (2009) to appear  (with A. C. Lozano and N. Abe)
  13. On the rate of convergence to the neutral attractor of a family of one dimensional maps, Fundamenta Mathematicae – Special Edition Honoring Michal Misiurewicz (2009) to appear (with T.Nowicki,  M.Sviridenko and  S.Winograd)
  14. Content-based Link Prediction for Patent Marketing, Recommendation Based Industry Applications Workshop (2009) (with R.Lawrence and C.Perlich)
  15. Convex Dynamics with Constant Input, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems (2009) to appear  (with R.Adler, T.Nowicki and C.Tresser)
  16. Breast Cancer Identification: KDD Cup Winners Report, SIGKDD Explorations 10(2) (2008) 39-42 (with C. Perlich, P. Melville, Y. Liu, S. Rosset and R. Lawrence)
  17. Invariant probability measures and dynamics of exponential linear type maps, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, Vol 28, Issue 05  (2008), 1479-1495  (with D.Gamarnik and T.Nowicki)
  18. Some remarks on origami and it's limitations, Demonstratio Mathematica Vol XLI, No 2 (2008), 473-480 (with T.Maszczyk)
  19. Winner Report: KDD CUP Breast Cancer Identification, KDD 2008 (with C.Perlich, P.Melville, Y.Liu, R.Lawrence and S.Rosset)
  20. l1 Regularization in Infinite Dimensional Feature Spaces. COLT 2007: 544-558 (with S.Rosset, N.Srebro, J.Zhu)
  21. Classification of quadratic systems admitting the existence of an algebraic limit cycle, Bulletin des Sciences Mathématiques 131, (2007), 405-421 (with J. Llibre)
  22. Inventory allocation and transportation scheduling for logistics of network-centric military operations. IBM Journal of Research and Development 51, Number ¾ (2007) 391-407 (with F.Barahona, P.Chowdhary et al)
  23. Relationships between limit cycles and algebraic invariant curves for quadratic systems, Journal of Differential Equations 229, (2006), 529-537 (with J. Llibre)
  24. Neutral one-dimensional attractor of a two-dimensional system derived from Newton’s means, Discrete and continuous Dynamical Systems, Supp. Vol. (2005), 700-709 (with T. Nowicki)
  25. Invariant algebraic curves of large degree for quadratic systems, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 303 (2005), 450-461 (with  C.Christopher and J.Llibre)
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  32. Versal deformations of Dq –invariant 2-parameter families of planar vector fields, Annales Polonici Mathematici LXII.3 (1995), 265-281

  1. Method for avoiding provisioning oscillation by usage of labeling and optimization for post-allocation of the resources, IBM (2012)
  2. A Method for Detecting Anomalies in Quasi-periodic Signals by RMS and Peak Value Analysis, IBM (2011)
  3. Data-driven Method for Automated Discovery and Prediction of Associations Between Objects, IBM (2010)
  4. Methods and System for Variable Group Selection and Temporal Causal Modeling, IBM (2010)
  5. Method for forecasting values and behavior of a group of economic indicators by discovery of intrinsic patterns using a similarity detecting metric, IBM (2009)
  6. Method for Identification of False Positives in High Impedance Fault Detection by Using Phase Shifts, IBM (2008)
  7. Method for Detecting High Impedance Faults by Analyzing the Local Deviation from a Regularization, IBM (2008)
  8. Two-stage High Impedance Fault Detection, IBM (2007)
  9. Ozone and Other Molecules Sensor for Electric Fault Detection, IBM, (2007)
  10. Intelligent, Self-Propelled Automatic Grid Crawler High Impedance Fault Detector and High Impedance Fault Detecting System, IBM (2007)
  11. Application of Speech Recognition Tools to Fault Detection in Electric Circuits, IBM (2007)
  12. System and Method to Determine the Prices and Order Quantities that Maximize a Retailer’s Total Profit, IBM (2006)
  13. Method and System for Scheduling Delivery of at Least One of Goods and Services, IBM (2006)
  14. System and Method for Memory Element Characterization, IBM (2005)

    Keywords: mathematics computer science dynamical systems data mining knowledge discovery finance modeling limit cycles random graphs problem solving industrial solution integrability invariant algebraic curves stock options market volatility analytics finances research manipulation processing grzegorz swirszcz high impedance faults detection localization inventory optimization scheduling dimension programming implementation algorithm algorithms solutions latch circuits latency memory