Fractal Embroidery

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I made these using the Embird Software, because we, the world, need cheap alternatives like Embird to the $8,000 (yet still not that great) software packages put out by the big companies.  The machine is a Viking Scandinavia 400.

"Can I use these?"
If you want to try these embroidery designs for home or short-run business projects totally go for it.  I've included one file for each design, of varying types.  If you want a specific file type email me (gryphus at gmail dot com) and I can provide any file type using my conversion software--but you gotta trade me something cool in return, like a photo of the finished embroidery or a link on your blog!

"What the hell is machine embroidery?"

You know all those "robots in the home" news media pieces about robot vacuum cleaners?  Well, embroidery machines are way cooler home robots, some even have on board processing and touch screens.  To wit: They are sewing machines that stab an embroidery hoop attached to a mechanical arm and stitch beautiful designs from thread.  It's the ultimate anachronism; robotic handi-crafts.

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A sixth order Cesaro Fractal using Sulky multi-color rayon thread. 4X4 inches (100X100 mm.)  Notice the period of thread colors almost perfectly matches the level 4 iterations giving it a very organic, yet patterned look. This one tiles really, really nicely and the low stitch density leaves the fabric flexible and soft. 


A fifth order Sierpinski triangle/gasket/sieve using Gutterman rayon thread on Sulky brand Ultra Solvy interfacing (the plastic looking stuff on the left,) then immersed in water to produce a lace coaster.  Size: Inscribe an equilateral triangle inside a slightly smaller than 4 inch length square.

gryphusPeanoGosper.esm   gryphushilertcurve.esm

Hilbert and Peano-Gosper curve in the Embird stitch format for making outlines or filling a space with a motif.  To use in Embird, download the file and save it to program files->embird32->patterns.  Then, when you make an object you can right-click the object and open the "user editors" window.  Within that window you can open the file as a pattern or a motif.  Right click any of the "user-defined" spaces to move the file into one of your 4 user-defined spots.

A section of a Haferman Carpet with an optional appliqué element.  If you want to skip the appliqué, only run the second color in the design, the first color is only to hold the appliqué in place.  The white on the edges is the bobbin thread, intentionally improperly tensioned so the bobbin thread would be pulled up and give the stitches an "aged" and rough look.  A little shy of 4 inches tall.  The design tiles vertically and horizontally.