The Bright Sun Goes to School





Who are we?


            We are a group of students of Escola E.B. 2,3 de Azeitão having an adult education. We pretend to make a viability study for the installation of a solar panel in the school.



What we want?


          We pretend to sensibilize the educative community and the governmental entities in order that schools may function as an example to follow in the use of renewable energies.





         With this study we want to contribute for a better quality of the school’s installations and also to reduce energy’s expenses. We also intend to contribute to the reduction of  gases’ emissions from the greenhouse effect and to an improvement of the quality of the environment. Energie’s consumption of what we still haven’t renew is part of our daily way of living and we usually used it in an efficient way. In fact we all contribute to this situation to happen usually due to lack of information or a careless use of these energies.