Proyecto del EdTech 512: Online Course Design

This project was developed for the EdTech 512 Course, Online Course Design, through Boise State's Education Technology Masters Program.  It has been created with the pretense of planning for authentic implementation in an educational setting.  This course was created in the summer 2013 semester.

Maestro: Dann Mosteller

Dann Mosteller is a dedicated educator and student, who seeks to empower education through the use of technology and applications.  He will graduate with a Master's in Educational Technology in December 2013, and in route to graduation he has obtained two specialization certificates in Technology Integration and K-12 Online Teaching.  He has embraced the technology evolution of societal trends, that determine how global citizens interact with the world around us.  As the the world continues to adapt, modern day learners need to prepare for a future that has not yet been revealed, and Mr. Mosteller feels that education has the responsibility to build a foundation that prepares students for the next step.  Therefore, his pedagogical practices not only include language development and other content areas, but also seeks to prepare students to be digitally literate for the 21st century.


Mr. Mosteller is a native English speaker, but has also developed Spanish as a second language and is fully bilingual for social and educational purposes.  Most of his professional teaching career has been dedicated to developing language skills in his students. He has spent time teaching internationally in Mexico, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, where the target language was English.  He has also worked multiple years in Texas public schools where the target language of instruction was either in English or Spanish, based on the needs of the students or the intent of the program.  Mr. Mosteller is currently working in a fourth grade dual-language program as the Spanish speaking instructor. Therefore, this course project was designed around the fourth grade audience and the instruction targets writing skills.

Titulo del Curso: La Escritura

This course will help develop writing and language skills in a dual-language program at the fourth grade level. The primary language of instruction in this course is Spanish, and this web page is dedicated to the the design documents.  However, in order to accommodate the needs of the EdTech instructor and peers, this Web page is written in English.  To access the student site, you may click on the link on the left. 
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