Grundtvig learning partnership project 2012-2014

Creating of educational services for migrant parents

The aim of the project is to solve communication problems among the members of families, whose parents migrate for work to other EU countries or to other areas in own countries and leave their children at home. While the European Commission has a number of programs and measures aimed to provide help for immigrants and their children, who arrive together with them, for better integration to the new society: a number of projects, training courses, special schools for migrants' children, the problem of left children while their parents work abroad, is little explored. Official statistics do not give information about number of children left behind.

We believe that additional education for migrant parents will provide them with necessary knowledge and skills that will help to maintain closer ties with family members left behind.

We are planning to conduct a research in regions of partner countries (LT,LV,PL,RO,CZ,TR) and to collect data on the number of migrant families; to collect stories of migrant parents and other adult family members about communication problems among themselves which they experience in the case of migration; to create a training programme and training material for 16 hours course; to organize pilot training courses for migrant parents and their spouses groups (10-15 persons) in each project partner country - the training courses will be focused on the psychological aspects of communication, providing additional skills to the latest ICT tools; the course will be flexible (face to face, remote, using an e-mail, distance learning environments and social networks); to create a project web site and publish e-books based on the  migrant parents stories and training materials created within the project.