Grunergy Technology

Grunergy Technologies PLC

Grunergy Technologies PLC was established as a UK parent holding company. All of Grunergy Technologies' operations and R&D activities are conducted through its wholly owned subsidiaries; Canadian operations are conducted through Grünergy Technologies Canada Inc., and U.S. operations are conducted through Grünergy Technologies US Inc. Grünergy’s spectrum of operations includes providing the best available control technologies in the field of mercury emissions capture.

North American Operations

North AmericaGrunergy Technologies US Inc. and Grünergy Technologies Canada Inc. operate as innovative, research-oriented mercury emissions capture companies. Grünergy’s mission is to deliver leading edge, cost-effective solutions for mercury emissions control in utility boilers around the world.

  • With changing government regulations, there is a growing need to reliably capture Hg emissions regardless of plant conditions, in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Grunergy’s approach to the power generation industry is simple and effective – we offer a mercury emissions capture system that is more effective, cost-efficient, and technically supported than any other industry provider.
  • Whether working with an existing or planned PAC system install, Grunergy can provide the resources and solutions that will give tremendous savings.

Grunergy Technologies US Inc. is located in Grand Forks, North Dakota at the site of the Energy Environmental Research Center (EERC), with the Canadian office of Grünergy Technologies Canada Inc. located in Ottawa, Canada. Our main purpose is to bring leading edge mercury emission technology and commercial supply to the utility industry.

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