The Grundy Avenue Parent Teacher Association contributes to the success of our school in many ways.  The PTA sponsors many programs such as the Book Fair, School Pictures, Holiday Gift Fair, Family Nights and various cultural arts programs and activities. 

The PTA is always eager to have new members and welcomes your participation in all activities as well as attendance at meetings.  Notification of meetings is sent home with the children at least three days before a scheduled meeting.

President:              1st Vice President:         2nd Vice President:

Donna Laks             Lynn Cioffi                        Christine McCarthy

Treasurer:              Recording Secretary:     Corresponding Secretary:

Lynn Schilling          Jill Johnson                      Alyssa Gulotta

Arts in Ed.:             Health & Safety:              Hospitality:

Jeanne Campo        Meredith Volpe                  Viki Sturm

Yearbook:               Parliamentarian:              Newsletter: 

Rita Schulz               Valerie Tersijni                  Allison Marro

Diane Kilkenny

Education Chair:     5th Grade Chairs:          School Spirit:

Lisa Mastrogiacomo  Lynn Quinn                      Michelle Hadzigeorgiou

                                  Christine Ricci

Chair People:

Breakfast Volunteer Coordinator:         Donna Miano

Wrapping Paper Sale:                          Christine Arenare

School Pictures (fall/spring):                 Christine Ricci

Donuts for Dad:                                     Anthony Gulotta 

Book Fair (fall):                                      Kim Marston/Donna Barker

Plant Sale/Holiday Festival:                  Michelle Hadzigeorgiou/Alyssa Gulotta

Holiday Fair:                                          Lynn Cioffi/Christine McCarthy

Valentine's Day Sale:                            Alyssa Gulotta

Sports Night:                                         Jeanne Campo

Wingo Night:                                         Christina Arenare

Mother's Day Plant Sale:                      Karen Murphy

Mother/Son:                                          Jeanne Campo/Dana Karavias

Mother/Daughter:                                  Donna Miano

Father/Son:                                            Kim Maloney

Father/Daughter:                                   Michelle Hadzigeorgiou

Family Day:                                           LuAnn Nestasia

Father's Day Sale:                                 Daniela Trtik

Field Day:                                              Jill Johnson

End of the Year Celebration:                 Lynn Cioffi/Christine McCarthy

Teacher Liason:

Mrs. Chmela

Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Siffert

Audit Committee 2011-2012:

Jeanne Campo-Chairperson

Lisa Mastrogiacomo

Theresa Ponce

Rosaria Vino

By-Laws Committee:

Valerie Tersigni-Chairperson

Christine McCarthy

Viki Sturm

Kim Marston

Jeanne Due












SEPTA stands for Special Education Parent Teachers Association.  SEPTA is a district-wide PTA covering all 18 buildings in the Sachem School District.  The membership includes all special education students, their parents and families, administrators, special education teachers and all support personnel.  The main focus is to make sure that every student here at Sachem, whether they are disabled or not, receives a fair, equal and quality education so that someday they may each become an independent, self-sufficient, and productive member of our society. 


The Grundy Avenue Building Leadership Team is a volunteer group of teachers, parents and the building principal.  Their role is to help enhance the academic performance of the students of Grundy Avenue School while working with the educational staff of the building.  The parent members are selected by the Grundy Avenue PTA and the teacher members are selected by the staff of the school.   Each member serves a two year term.  Parent members must be the parent or legal guardian of a child who attends Grundy Avenue School.  They must have a child in grade 3 or under at the start of their term on the BLT.

BLT Members 2012-2013

Patricia Trombetta

Mrs. Degen

Mrs. McCormack

Ms. Rosa




To view Grundy Parent Handbook, click on link.