The project partner has a comprehension about: Education against discrimination. 
The participating organisations are already working with disadvantaged social groups.  Across the european countries they share the awareness that traditional adult education systems do not achieve disadvantaged people. On the other hand, education is an essential criterion to overcome disadvantaged, to develope individual competences, to build up self-esteem  and to become a self-determind member of community. "Disadvantage" is a criteria of  heterogeneus social groups. Unemployees, handicaped people, schoolleavers, immigrants... they all are disadvantaged. The project wants to center those, who work with disadvantaged people like teachers, mentors, voluntaries and give them new competences for teaching disadvantaged social groups. In this way disadvantaged people get more chances to participate in adult learning. 
Based on the fact, that education has a positive impact against discrimination of disadvantaged social groups, the project will get an overview about  supporting and detainig factors afect disadvantaged people in participating education and advance participation of disadvantaged people in adult learning.