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This Website Will Be Updated As There Is New Work Done In GRSZ Enterprises® Pvt Ltd.
Update Today: 22/10/2009:
        Checked Tanveer & Mubashar's Air Line Tickets Online.
        Page: Checking Tickets Online
 Update Today: 22/10/2009:
        To Check Visa Requirements for Visit Visa of Malaysia:
        Page: Malaysia Visa Forms & Guidelines
Update Today: 24/10/2009
        Translation of Divorce Certificate in English & Italian ( Translated from Urdu )
Update No. 2 ( Today )
        CV for KSA Hospital Job ( CV Resume format of ARC  Al-akbali Rec Cons Karachi )
        Page: Resume Type ARC.
        **** Note: The file type docx cannot be opened in office version earlier than 2007.
                   Here is a program to convert docx to doc:
        Page: How to change docx into doc.
Update: 27/10/09
        Translation of "Non-Computerized' Pakistani ID Card from Urdu into English.
        Page: English ID Card
Update: 28/10/09
        Translation of United Trade Test Center "Mech Maint Tech" Certificate from English into Arabic for Babar Sarwar s/o Ghulam Sarwar of Attock. Tried my site's online translation resourse and i am feeling right to have included that stuff to my site but some problems are there. However, they will be mimized by the passage of time.
        Page:  Arabic United Trade Test Cert
Update No.2 ( today )
        Sir, told me to check what is the value of 190 USD in PKR. I told him i have that facility on my site.
        Page: Lattest Forex Rates
Update: Today 29/10/2009
        Translated an urdu nikah nama for the man with whom a pathan of karak had come. Samina Mumtaz for libya.
        Translated Nikah nama of Arshad Mehmood and his daughter's Form B into Arabic ( ghalti say eng may bhi kar dia tha.
        Page: Arabic CRC
Update No.2 for today
        Translated " Italian "DOMESTIC WORKER" work permit " for a young man from GHANCHE ( I dunno ) into English ( I am enough satisfied )
        Page: Eng Ita DOM WORK wrk prmt
Update No. 3.
        Made Quotation for Munir Sab ( Pervez Musharraf Contractor ).
        Page: Munir Sb Qutation
Update 30/10/2009
        Boss would time and again ask me to keep checking email for new mail from Dr Akmal. I got the idea to solve this problem by embedding yahoo into my site.
        Page: Yahoo, MSN, Gmail..
Update No. 2: Toaday
        My try to embed yahoo, gmail and hotmail into my site fell flatly ( was very badly a failure ) but i will research in to this in future and will succeed by the Grace of Almighty Allah, Now I try to embed Express and Jang into this site.
        Page: Read Express, Jang etc
 Update No 3.
        A man (doctor) came and told me to get his letter of recommendation type paper translated into Arabic. As in past i had some hardship with getting my done paper done by the Saudi Embassy (or culture office as they call it), i therefore sent it to ABD walay and they did it. Here is the specimen.
Update: 31 / 10 / 2009
        Italian Seasonal Visa Work Permit English Translation for Anwar Ul Haq.
        Page: Ita Seasonal WP
Update No. 2.
        Early in the morning i wanted to sms boss but had no balance. Therefore, I decided to embed a strong Free SMS service into The Officail Website of GRSZ Enterprises ( This one ) and lo Alhamdu Lillah i got it.
        Page No. 1: SMS from GRSZ
        Page No. 2: SMS GRSZ No. 2 (Note Search is still on ... )
Update No. 3.
        I translated a Marriage Cert From Urdu into Engish for Nasreen Akhtar
        Page: Eng Mrrg Cert
Update: 01/ 11 / 2009
        Translated Nikah Nama to Spanish for the boys who had come form RWP and didn't give much fees.
        Page: Spanish Mrg Cert
Update: No. 2
        Translated Nikah nama to Arabic for the young men who had been brought by a taxi driver.
        Page: Arabic Nkh Nma
Update: No.3
        Translated CRMS into English for Muhammad Ashraf Sb of Lahore ( u are a shah jee, v like you much )
        Page: Eng CRMS
Update: No. 4
        Translated Nikah nama to Latvian for the Pindi wal larka. ( Mulimized Woman )
        Page: Latvian Nkh Nama
Update: No. 5
        Translated Affidavit by wife to husband for spanish visa in spanish
        Page: Spanish Trn Affdvt
Update: 04/11/09
        Translated the SLC School Leaving Cert of a young man through Abd Walay
        Page: SLC Abd Walay
Update: No. 2
        Printed only The 14-page Medical App for a young man Rs. 200 and the app saved.
        Page: Medical App UK
Update: No. 3
        Given the Two Arabic Dips of Mr. Syed Saboor Hussain Shah to Him after his return from UK.
        Page: SDC Dips For Shah
Update: No. 4
        Wrote app to KSA embassy for Syed Saboor Hussin Shah for cancellation of visa and issuance of new.
        Page: App to KSA emb
 Update: 05/11/09
         Recvd "PCP" broshure for Eng-->Urdu Translation from COLORLine Printing Press Walay.
        Page: PCP Eng->Urd
        For Contact Number of Muhammad Saleem Click Here
Updat: No. 2
        Wrote app to All NHA Senior most officials for subsidy of 6 Crore Rupees
        Page: App NHA Subsidy
Update: No. 3
        Translated in Eng for Uk the Form-B & Union Council Birth Copy for a young man of Gujar Khan
        Page : UC Birth Cert Copy
        Page: Form B n2 Eng
Update: 06/11/09
        Gave The PCP Trans to Muhammad Saleem and took 1350 as 100 yesterday.
Update: No 2.
        Translated the old Form B for the canadian Citizen Modern Hakeem ( calcium problem all over the world
         and the deficit in our body is made up by taking it from out teeth and leg bones.
        Page: Eng Old Frm-B