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GRRIP'13 focuses on analysing reasons for the gap that exists between requirements engineering research and application of these research findings to industrial problems. Lack of applicability and adoption of RE research into industrial practice has been a topic of discussion and, in fact, a topic of research in itself, for the last decade. We see a need for a virtuous cycle of taking preliminary research results to field as well as identifying interesting practical problems that can only be detected by working on field, investigating the problems to identify unanswered research questions, conducting a more informed research and taking the mature results to field again. This can happen only if researchers and practitioners brainstorm prevalent issues with respect to the gaps in research and practice and collaborate to solve challenging problems. During GRRIP’13, we wish to highlight some of the challenges of balancing the short-term needs of addressing problems in industrial practice with the longer-term needs of advancing the state-of-the-art in requirements engineering. GRIPP'13 is different from the Industrial Papers track in that it emphasizes an explicit study of and comparison between research and practice; unlike industry track papers that focus on sharing experiences in applying certain concepts or ideas in an industrial setting.


February 15, 2013
- GRRIP'13 is officially accepted to be collocated with RE'13.

March 1, 2013
- Call for papers is now available online.
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