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This site is publicly accessible and the PDF files on here are free to download and print. It is meant to use with the Glory Road Roleplay core rules but purchase or ownership of the rules is not required to read and use these files.

The core rules are available in PDF format at

Paperback hard copies may be available in the future. I have formatting issues to work out.

Forward by C.J. Carella to the Core Rules


 A long time ago, in a little burg by the name of New Haven, Connecticut, I joined a gaming group led by one William Reich, who ran a game using a system of his own creation – Glory Road. At that point, I’d been playing tabletop RPGs for some time, and had published a few supplements for Steve Jackson Games. Even though I was a GURPS addict, I found myself enjoying Bill’s Glory Road weekly sessions a great deal. The combat system was deadly and exciting, the magic had a unique flavor that made it stand out, and some of the rules were a refreshing change from the usual fare of the time. I even shamelessly stole the exploding-dice mechanism from Glory Road and adapted it to the home rules that eventually became the Unisystem.

Glory Road is concise but complex, and as such may not be to the taste of those who prefer minimalist rule systems. Contrary to what many designers seem to think nowadays, I think there are a lot of gamers who enjoy complexity for the sake of realism (or at least a realistic/coherent tone) in their rules set, and GR should satisfy the needs of people who want their katana to work differently than their pickaxe or spear, who want to figure out the tradeoffs between chain mail and boiled leather armor, and who want their sorcerers to have access to a wide variety of specializations. If that is your cup of tea, you are in for a treat.

So arm yourself with dice of many values, paper and pencil and the power of your imagination, and embark on a heroic quest. You will enjoy the trip.


- C.J. Carella

Note: The “exploding dice system,” which we call Feisting, never belonged to me for C.J. to steal. It was used by one Bruce Feist in early campaigns in New Haven. And I stole it.

C.J. is a very successful novelist whose Warp Marine series and other works can be found at Amazon and everywhere else books and e-books are sold. 

He also developed a very large amount of gaming materials, including several important GURPS sourcebooks, All Flesh Must be Eaten, the Buffy game and the Unisystem. He still plays with us.

The Reference Files page is where all the reference files are stored. The reference files include the weapons, spells, Powers for Initiates and Hedge-Priests and many of the beings that might be encountered in a Glory Road campaign. When last counted, they amounted to 306 pages of publicly available material that could have been included in a rule book, greatly increasing its size and cost and, at the same time, _freezing_ the information available. We intend to add material to the PDFs as we go.

New Feature: optional combat sub-system,  Targeting & Armor Avoidance on the page with the combat equipment.

The page called The Black Mountain gives the GMs and players a setting in which to adventure. There will be commercially available adventures set in the District and this page should give the players the background for those adventures.
There are seventy-two pages of information in the PDFs and a map on a separate page. It is enough of a setting to run a long campaign.
Game Masters are encouraged to set up their own adventures with the district as background.
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It was listed as public domain. If you are the artist and want to contradict this or just get in touch, please do.

I am in the process of uploading a series of adventures to a page called, with great imagination, "adventures." The first one is "To the Wedding."

An additional page has attached a selection of sample player-characters. These characters will just have their attribute scores and a few comments, with no backgrounds or careers or equipment. I will be adding to it periodically. In addition, I will attach PDFs with actual non-player characters complete with equipment etc. There will also be PDFs with character histories.

Another page that I am adding has a suggested character sheet attached. If the character has no spells or clerical powers, only the first page of the sheet need be used. On the webpage, I will annotate the page and discuss what might be on it.

The page called "Articles" will have little essays on gaming topics. The first one is about the usefulness of dogs on an adventure. The second one is a system-neutral utility called The Interdimensional House of Pancakes. The third article ass the question "have I over-valued swords in these rules and then asks why one would do so. 
I have since answered this question to my satisfaction. I have changed sword edges to cutting damage, very good against soft targets, not very good against armor. 

New Feature:
The next page is Lifepaths. This is a method for randomizing the background for a player-character. Our normal method is to choose a career for the character and then find a background that is possible for that career. The character may start out with relatively poor resources for that career but his or her feet are already on that path. This method is radically different but can be a lot of fun. This method is for human characters. I will do one for each of the other player-character species as I find the time.

While the material on this website is available to the public, it is not intended to be used for commercial purposes and is still copyright 2017 by Bill Reich

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